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by klenotka
Oh, yeaaaah... :D
by adoannie

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (fangirl squeal)


by Jamie
Yes while he is still very handsome, Hugh has aged out of that "pretty boy" phase of his 30s. Since I prefer men whose faces have been lived in for a while so you can see their histories for good or ill engraved, this is a definite improvement :)
by mamaleh
Agree that it depends which photos one is viewing. Around SWORDFISH time Hugh (and his hair) seemed to resemble the young Clint in certain photos. The resemblance has somewhat faded away, I think.

Wasn't there an anecdote about Hugh and Deb's looking at items in a garage sale and finding an old photo of Clint that Deb would have sworn was of Hugh?
by Jamie
SueFB Avatar
You and me, deanamarie. I just don't see it either.

I see it in the roman nose, the eyes and forehead.  Clint doesn't have the warm smile or the eye twinkle, but I did a full image search and there were some on the page that you would swear it was Hugh.  
by SueFB
You and me, deanamarie. I just don't see it either.
by deanamarie
I think I have to be one of the only people that doesn't see much of a resemblance in Clint Eastwood and Hugh. I feel like they have a lot of the same hairdos in things, but I have a hard time seeing it...
by Jamie
I was watching Paint Your Wagon again today.  Released in 1969 when Clint Eastwood was 39 and Hugh was a one year old.  The resemblance is remarkable.

by klenotka
First teaser trailer for new Mission Impossible movie is out. I loved the previous movie, especially since the team was great and stayed more or less intact for this one, I can´t wait. I am also excited that Simon Pegg´s role is gradually bigger and bigger :D I love him :D
And I think Tom Cruise discovered some way how not to age. I still really don´t find him too appealing as an actor or a man (physically, I mean) but he just can pick good movies. And I think he is immortal :)

by SueFB
Since the first ITAS interview links posted earlier in this thread are now broken, here's a new link:


narrows101: I just want you to know that I FINALLLY got rid of that "1" hovering over the "bookmark" word on the toolbar. I went into "profile" then "edit profile" and unchecked everything to see if it went away and it did. Then I checked everything one by one. Sept 19, 2013 20:35:27 GMT -5
narrows101: After "edit profile" and then "notifications" I unchecked everything and checked again. The culprit was "Forum" - "when a bookmark is update" - took that checkmark off and the "1" went away. Checked it again and it came back. So that was it. No idea why. Sept 19, 2013 20:37:35 GMT -5
ocycd: can anyone tell me why the photo I had for my avatar suddenly disappeared?? Sorry, I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to these things! Sept 21, 2013 15:14:33 GMT -5
narrows101: ocycd - I still see your avatar. Sept 22, 2013 9:24:14 GMT -5
Kristin: Ocycd - It's probably an issue on your end, with graphics not loading properly, because I can see your avatar too. Unless you can see everyone else's avatar and not yours, then I'll have to figure out why that's happening. Sept 22, 2013 20:37:44 GMT -5
Kristin: Pat - Awesome! It was bothering me that I couldn't figure that one out. Sept 22, 2013 20:38:07 GMT -5
ocycd: That is so weird cuz I can see everyone else's avatars but still not mine... and the same is true on my mac and my pc laptop... very strange. Maybe I'll try reloading it on my laptop next time I'm on it... thanks narrows101 and Kristin!! Sept 23, 2013 16:22:48 GMT -5
ocycd: My avatar is BACK! And I didn't do a thing... thank you magic virtual wizards!! Sept 27, 2013 15:01:45 GMT -5
24601: Kristin, what do you see below my avatar? Nov 19, 2013 22:53:12 GMT -5
nmb: :) Dec 12, 2013 18:42:47 GMT -5
24601: This is an absurd question. How does one post a new freestanding post within a thread? Using Reply button is all I know and more often than not becomes tedious, repetitive, bandwidth sucking reading. Feb 23, 2014 15:13:32 GMT -5
Kristin: You can't. You can only reply to threads or create a new thread. You can use the quick reply to just post something without responding to anyone in a thread, or quoting someone, but as far as just posting in a thread, you have to use the reply button. Mar 21, 2014 13:25:23 GMT -5
frances: The hair is one thing but I wish we had more opportunity to see that face without the beard. May 6, 2014 12:07:05 GMT -5
SueFB: Does anybody ever pay attention to this place here? Aug 11, 2014 15:24:05 GMT -5
Kristin: I forget it's here most of the time. Aug 12, 2014 6:59:17 GMT -5
SueFB: Yeah, me, too. I wonder what it's really intended for. For random comments that don't belong anywhere? I guess. Aug 13, 2014 8:12:31 GMT -5
ocycd: Here's my random thought... a week from tonight I'm seeing The River and I'm too excited to sleep! Oct 28, 2014 0:08:20 GMT -5
24601: How many times have you all seen the show or seen him at the stage door? Nov 5, 2014 15:53:50 GMT -5
ocycd: I only saw the show the one time... and I didn't wait at the stage door or before or after... but I'm thinking I might have to go back in January to see how the show has changed! Nov 9, 2014 22:10:04 GMT -5
24601: 2 River Ticket - Jan 25th. Good seats. PM me if interested. Nov 26, 2014 20:15:09 GMT -5
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