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by mamaleh
Last week's SNL was the first one in a long time that I actually found mostly funny. Writing was better, and Carrey, whom I haven't seen in anything in quite a while, was hilarious--especially in the spoofs of those pretentious, pseudo-profound car commercials McC does.
by SueFB
Hilarious Jim Carrey spoofs from SNL of the McConaughey Lincoln commercials. Love it.

by SueFB
Wonder when this will show up. Sounds .... a little crazy. But then, anything goes these days!


It picks up the Lost Boys fifteen years after they left Neverland. Now men and very much estranged, the Lost Boys are forced back together when they realize someone is killing them off one by one. To find out who and why and stay alive, they’ll have to get past the bitter rivalries and bad blood that forced them out of paradise and rediscover the magic that made them fearless. This time in the very real world of contemporary Los Angeles.
by SueFB
Whoever made that graphic clearly wasn't thinking. Why wouldn't they ALSO include Hugh as a point of reference? :)
by eve
This news item just popped up on my Facebook timeline. (rofl) 

average body.png
by narrows101
NPH now hosting a variety series on NBC:
Neil Patrick Harris To Host Variety Show For NBC
by Lisa de Moraes
October 27, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris, who has made no secret of his desire to host an Ed Sullivan Show-esque variety series, finally has a taker: NBC.

The network announced this afternoon it is bringing five-time Emmy Award winner Harris to the network for a new primetime variety series based on the popular UK format Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. The production company got an on-air 10-episode order; the show will air live and originate from New York.

Back in May, Harris told Howard Stern that CBS CEO Leslie Moonves asked him if he’d be interested in doing a late-night show for the network and that he turned him down (“I told him what concerned me about the longevity of that kind of gig. I think I would get bored of the repetition fast. The structure is so set — I don’t have any interest in doing Monologue, Commercial, Sketch, Guest, Guest, Musical Act, Good Night”) and said what he really wanted to do next was host a weekly variety series for CBS. In so saying, he was re-iterating what he told CBS soon-to-be-ex late night host Craig Ferguson: “I want to do an Ed Sullivan–y kind of show, with all the variety acts.”

Meanwhile, NBC has made no secret of its desire to air a variety show. Back in July, the network’s alternative programming president Paul Telegdy told TV critics the network was in “an active creative discussion” for more episodes of The Maya Rudolph Show, either as a weekly series or a series of specials. That variety show, starring the Saturday Night Live alumna and produced by SNL boss Lorne Michaels, started as a special that aired on May 20 behind The Voice. That special is looked at as an “imperfect first episode,” Telegdy said. In a Q&A with Deadline one month earlier, Michaels had said he was optimistic about that show’s future.

“Was [Moonves] interested?” Stern asked Harris on his radio show, in re a variety series, back in May.

“Yeah — he still might be,” Harris said.

And yet, though Harris was a member in good standing of the Les Moonves Repertory Theatre company, having starred many years on the network’s How I Met Your Mother, and been CBS’ go-to host for trophy shows, the project landed at NBC. Harris today said the ITV format “fits right into my random skill set.” NBC’s new, as yet unnamed variety series will feature comedy sketches, musical numbers, mini game shows, hidden camera pranks on celebrities and appearances by “A-list stars,” the network assured.

“All of us here at NBC have been dying to work with Neil, as we’ve watched him brilliantly host the Tonys and Emmys,” Telegdy said in today’s announcement. “This series will suit his extraordinary talents perfectly. He is a versatile and thrilling talent for us to welcome into the NBC family.”

No start date was announced — but ABC will be plugging it mightily when it airs February’s Academy Awards ceremony, which will be hosted by Harris.

The series will be produced by ITV Studios America. Harris, Orly Adelson, Siobhan Greene and U.K. hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly will serve as executive producers.

by ocycd
cathy Avatar
ocycd Avatar
I'm not sure where to put this off the wall question so I'm putting it here. The other day my husband was bemoaning the fact that he is almost out of cologne. "What is Hugh wearing these days, do you want me to get some of that?" Yeah, he is a sweetie like that... but can anyone tell me Hugh's cologne?? Maybe when we are in NYC (next week!!!) we will pick some up! Thanks....
A year ago it was Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver:

Just another reason why I LOVE you guys! Thank you Cathy!! A week from tonight I'll be in the 2nd or 4th or something row smelling him up close :)
by SueFB
Not new but hilarious.


It's a telling of the movie "Noah", and includes ...

Speaking of subtle — Frank, lately you might have noticed that, in an effort to avoid the more blasphemous side of cursing, I have begun swapping references to God or Jesus with Hugh Jackman, because if you ask me, Hugh Jackman is the exact opposite of a false idol. (Writing this is making me realize that I have internalized a lot, lot more of the Bible than previously thought.)

Ironically, Indiewire had a pretty interesting article about how Noah and one of Aronofsky’s previous films, The Fountain, have a lot in common. The Fountain, of course, stars Hugh Jackman! Thus, in service to Our Lord, I shall be filling the rest of this post with photos of Him.
For example:
But Murder Camp is all fire and rape and fighting and people eating meat and murder, and Noah’s like, well, clearly humanity is fucked. So not only will he make sure that the big boat successfully saves all the innocent creatures, but he’ll also make sure that he and his family are the last humans ever on the planet.

That is a bummer. Here, Hugh Jackman in “The Boy From Oz” will make you feel better!

And more ...

by cathy
ocycd Avatar
I'm not sure where to put this off the wall question so I'm putting it here. The other day my husband was bemoaning the fact that he is almost out of cologne. "What is Hugh wearing these days, do you want me to get some of that?" Yeah, he is a sweetie like that... but can anyone tell me Hugh's cologne?? Maybe when we are in NYC (next week!!!) we will pick some up! Thanks....

A year ago it was Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver:

by SueFB
The fate of Gillian was depressing but also fitting and forced Nucky reflect (yet again) on the end result of his own decision way back when. In a small way, it reminded me of the finale of the Sopranos (though not nearly as heavily viewed, of course), with Nucky looking around and viewers wondering which approaching face might spell his doom. No sudden fade to black this time though. I did like his gift of a razor and brush to Eli. That was, I guess, the only light moment. Margaret showing Joe Kennedy how to time the stock market seemed a bit far-fetched, but why not.


Wolvietat: The Habs Hugh? The Habs? *sigh* May 2, 2013 21:28:27 GMT -5
Kristin: I know! But then again, those tix were probably comped, so you go with the flow. May 3, 2013 14:03:35 GMT -5
narrows101: I just want you to know that I FINALLLY got rid of that "1" hovering over the "bookmark" word on the toolbar. I went into "profile" then "edit profile" and unchecked everything to see if it went away and it did. Then I checked everything one by one. Sept 19, 2013 20:35:27 GMT -5
narrows101: After "edit profile" and then "notifications" I unchecked everything and checked again. The culprit was "Forum" - "when a bookmark is update" - took that checkmark off and the "1" went away. Checked it again and it came back. So that was it. No idea why. Sept 19, 2013 20:37:35 GMT -5
ocycd: can anyone tell me why the photo I had for my avatar suddenly disappeared?? Sorry, I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to these things! Sept 21, 2013 15:14:33 GMT -5
narrows101: ocycd - I still see your avatar. Sept 22, 2013 9:24:14 GMT -5
Kristin: Ocycd - It's probably an issue on your end, with graphics not loading properly, because I can see your avatar too. Unless you can see everyone else's avatar and not yours, then I'll have to figure out why that's happening. Sept 22, 2013 20:37:44 GMT -5
Kristin: Pat - Awesome! It was bothering me that I couldn't figure that one out. Sept 22, 2013 20:38:07 GMT -5
ocycd: That is so weird cuz I can see everyone else's avatars but still not mine... and the same is true on my mac and my pc laptop... very strange. Maybe I'll try reloading it on my laptop next time I'm on it... thanks narrows101 and Kristin!! Sept 23, 2013 16:22:48 GMT -5
ocycd: My avatar is BACK! And I didn't do a thing... thank you magic virtual wizards!! Sept 27, 2013 15:01:45 GMT -5
24601: Kristin, what do you see below my avatar? Nov 19, 2013 22:53:12 GMT -5
nmb: :) Dec 12, 2013 18:42:47 GMT -5
24601: This is an absurd question. How does one post a new freestanding post within a thread? Using Reply button is all I know and more often than not becomes tedious, repetitive, bandwidth sucking reading. Feb 23, 2014 15:13:32 GMT -5
Kristin: You can't. You can only reply to threads or create a new thread. You can use the quick reply to just post something without responding to anyone in a thread, or quoting someone, but as far as just posting in a thread, you have to use the reply button. Mar 21, 2014 13:25:23 GMT -5
frances: The hair is one thing but I wish we had more opportunity to see that face without the beard. May 6, 2014 12:07:05 GMT -5
SueFB: Does anybody ever pay attention to this place here? Aug 11, 2014 15:24:05 GMT -5
Kristin: I forget it's here most of the time. Aug 12, 2014 6:59:17 GMT -5
SueFB: Yeah, me, too. I wonder what it's really intended for. For random comments that don't belong anywhere? I guess. Aug 13, 2014 8:12:31 GMT -5
Ha: Thx Oct 5, 2014 21:06:40 GMT -5
ocycd: Here's my random thought... a week from tonight I'm seeing The River and I'm too excited to sleep! Oct 28, 2014 0:08:20 GMT -5
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